Indeed, the new democratically-elected government of the PML-N has heightened people’s hopes for good governance in the country.

As an expatriate, I assume there is someone taking care of Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis. Needless to say, the role of overseas Pakistanis in the economic sustainability is an open secret. With depleting forex reserves and the uphill task of meeting the balance of payments deficit, the role of overseas Pakistanis has become vital. Despite this, the priceless role of the expats has been ignored; the PPP-led government in its five-year tenure did nothing to facilitate them.

Many a time, expats have raised their voices about unfairly high phone call rates, but it seems that everything has fallen on deaf ears. Now, when country is being run by people with no vested interests, once again they are reminded of the issue of unjust call rates.

The role of overseas Pakistanis is admired by everyone, but no one wants to pay attention to their problems. I hope the PML-N government would listen to the call of expats and reduce the call rates so that they can contact their near and dear ones back home in Pakistan.


Australia, June 23.