John Donne wrote in the 17th century: "Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and, therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."

In today's Pakistan, where perpetrators of terror are reining the country, and writ of government seems nowhere, the life of every citizen seems to be at risk. No place in the country can be termed safe.

For example, the savagery displayed in Quetta grieved the masses. Is it not a pity that ruthless attacks, coupled with shocking series of bomb blasts, has left people mourning their dear ones? It is unfortunate that people in this part of world have been left at the mercy of terrorists.

Surely, we have enemies within that need to be dealt with an iron hand, but the ground realities are different. Our security forces have miserably failed in protecting their own lives; what to speak of general public, who faces attacks from all sides. We actually have no fear of Allah or retribution and that is the core of all evils.

The police is also replete with corrupt employees; most of them are busy in minting money . We need to overhaul the police force and bring in honest officers, who actually care about what is happening to the country and its people. Undoubtedly, the primary responsibility of every state is to provide security to its citizens - something that does not seem to exist in Pakistan.

No practical effort is being made to catch the killers of the Quetta bombing. The death of 25 people, including 14 female university students, and destroying of Ziarat Residency signals that concrete steps are required to capture the demons of destruction roaming freely in Pakistan.

Any lenient attitude will worsen the situation. Members of the civil society, religious groups, politicians, students, etc all must stand up to curb the evil of terrorism that is eating into the vitals of the country.


Islamabad, June 16.