MULTAN - Director Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Multan, Zahid Iqbal Anjum has warned growers against intensified weeds in cotton fields after rain and advised them to adopt proper techniques to avert 50pc production loss weeds could cause to the silver fibre. “Growers must adopt an integrated approach to save cotton from different threats including weeds,” the CCRI director said in a press statement on Monday. Weeds not only share food, air, water, light but also serve as habitat for pests.

 and the multi-pronged threat can effect to cotton production, he added.

Growers must adopt all techniques including traditional ways and machines to remove weeds. Growers can also opt for chemical solutions if required in consultation with agriculture officials, he added.

The CCRI director also advised growers to refrain from applying pesticides without pest scouting and if pest infestation was above threshold level, pesticides be applied after consulting experts.

He said that growers could contact CCRI Multan scientists by telephone or meet them in office for guidance on any crop related issues.