LONDON: A new mug design inspired by nature promises to rid world of table coffee rings and the dreadful doily forever.

The ‘floating mug’ designed by friends Dumi Ndlovu and Tigere Chiriga, comes with its own built-in coaster. The idea for the mug came after the friends spotted bananas hanging on a hook.

And the pair say it will revolutionise the way tea and coffee drinkers think about mugs adding they expect to see one of their floating mugs to be in every home soon.

Unlike other mugs, the floating mug’s handle bends round underneath it to form a coaster to collect any drips that could form stains on tables and worktops. But a stain free coffee table won’t come cheap. The floating mug is available from the company’s online shop for £22.

The launch of the mug comes after months of work by Mr Ndlovu, a  financial analyst and Mr Chiriga a post office worker, both 34, who grew up together in Harare, Zimbabwe. Mr Ndlovu, who now lives in Reading, UK, said: ‘A few years ago the idea for the floating mug was born.–MO