KARACHI - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Pakistan office and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to combine resources and expertise to prepare students for a challenging career as professional accountants.
The basic aim of the MoU is to enhance the relationship between CIMA and IBA by providing a faster track for university graduates to acquire an accounting degree and CIMA professional qualification collectively to enhance the quality of accounting and management education.
From IBA , Dean and Director Dr Ishrat Hussain signed the MoU on behalf of the institute. Associate Dean Faculty of Business Administration, Dr Mohammad Nishat, Asad Ilyas and Sharjeel Hasnie from Department of Accounting and Law were also present at the ceremony.
Dr Ishrat Hussain said, “IBA has been supplying talent to the corporate sector of Pakistan for years. We now desire to be the choice of global employers. Students who qualify from CIMA have the potential to be entrepreneurs and this is IBA’s vision as well. IBA is a business school and we don’t turn out accountants, we aspire to produce business leaders.”
With CIMA’s support, we would expand in the field of management accounting, he further added.
CIMA Regional Director MESANA Bradley Emerson said, “Businesses globally will be constrained by the supply of talent for them to sustain their businesses in the near future. This MoU between CIMA and IBA is an initiative towards transforming Pakistan’s national ability to global capability.
Through the BSC Accounting and Finance program, graduates will now have an Advance Diploma in Management Accounting by CIMA which will make them professionally qualified graduates.”