ISLAMABAD - The World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned that the risk of Polio spreading to other areas of Pakistan could increase due to the internal migration of displaced families from North Waziristan.
These were the views of WHO’s representative in Pakistan Dr. Nima Saeed. According to the WHO’s representative, the highest number of polio cases have been witnessed in North Waziristan, and the recent mass migration of people from the vulnerable area has increased the risk of the polio virus spreading further.

Speaking to journalists here in Islamabad, Dr. Saeed added that migrants are being administered polio vaccines along the routes to keep the virus from spreading.
Meanwhile the WHO is also taking steps to prevent Malaria, Diarrhea and other ailments from spreading at IDP camps, where 36,000 emergency kits have already been distributed.
Pakistan is already facing restrictions due to the Polio endemic, with travelers from Pakistan required to present a certificate of vaccination prior to travel. The restriction began on the 1st of June 2014 in light of recommendations by the World Health Organization in May.