Rawalpindi - Professional beggars have lined up in the local markets, roadside, signals and residential areas of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad with the advent of Ramazan to collect alms that they get with sympathies of people.

During the holy month of Ramzan, groups of beggars mostly women, children and old men are witnessed around supermarkets, shopping malls, signals and streets for grabbing money which people give as donations during this holy month.

According to people, Beggars use new tactics to gain attention of the people for the purpose of getting money by creating sympathy in name of religion and mostly people consider giving alms as a religious obligation during Ramadan.

A family of man and woman including children on a donkey cart, a group of women carrying infants, bandaged arm of a young man, middle age men showing disabilities, barefoot child, she-males and others selling low quality products, are the most common kinds of using beggary as a tool.

“The tactics used for beggary are now becoming a business as mostly the general public believes that there is some support behind the beggars due to which the authorities are unable to control them,” said a shopkeeper at Super Market, Islamabad.

The uncontrolled situation of beggars is reflective of the weak administration and less powers of police to arrest them and police and authorities concerned seem unable to arrest the beggars that create disturbing atmosphere for those shopping in the markets, he commented.

These beggars use professional methods to use beggary as a tool for their earning without thinking that their tactics are annoying the visitors and spoiling the peaceful atmosphere at public place.

Instead of getting donations from people, their constant forceful tactics sometimes create nuisance for general public who feel themselves attacked by their offensive behaviour.

In Rawalpindi, these beggars start annoying people from signals at Murree road while their groups continue chasing people in Commercial market as those visiting the market describe them as a complex issue that seems out of control now.

“The interruption of beggars becomes unbearable while shopping in the commercial market and main markets of federal capital as their common tactics create nuisance,” said Maria Innayat, a resident of commercial market, Rawalpindi.

These beggars sometimes create awkward situation by holding arms of people and forcing them to give money at any cost and when any one refuses to give them money, they use offensive or abusive language, she explained.

The general public is of the view that some action should be taken against the beggars and the authorities should launch a comprehensive campaign to stop such activities.