ISLAMABAD - Former leggie-star Abdul Qadir has said that Pakistan should not take the Sri Lanka team lightly and should go fully prepared in all departments in the second test to be played on Thursday at Colombo.

Qadir said Pakistan should not take the Sri Lanka team lightly as the Zimbabwean team. "Sri Lanka is a very tough team and will try to comeback in the series," he said.

He said the green-shirts should not repeat the mistakes that they did in the series against Bangladesh. "Players should be picked in the squad on merit basis rather than on liking and disliking.

Speaking about the Pakistan-India series to be played in December this year at UAE, Qadir said politics should be kept aside from cricket saying the strained political relationships should not harm the said series. "Currently our government's role in improving the Pakistan-India relations is remarkable. It is always and always India that has at all times started the war of words against Pakistan," he said.

Qadir said the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and company should stop giving depressing statements against Pakistan and instead should see how to improve the relations.

"Modi has come into power for the first time therefore he should set such examples for India so that people can remember him even after his departure," he said adding the first thing Modi should focus on is how to improve the relations with Pakistan.

Qadir pointed that it was Modi who had earlier said that he wanted to improve India-Pak relations via `cricket diplomacy'. "It was Modi's words that a decision is taken to start a cricket series between both countries to improve relations," Qadir said adding where the Man of words is now.

Qadir said an Pakistan-India series is must for the people of the sub-continent saying it is even bigger than the Ashes. "The series should happen this year as per plan," he said.