Gepco has started disconnecting the electricity supply to industrial units from 8:00pm to 5:00am daily to provide relief for the domestic consumers during Ramazan while the industrialists expressed grave concerns over the situation.

According to sources, the Gepco authorities have been directed by the Ministry of Water and Power for providing relief for the domestic consumers in the month of fasting.

Following the directives, the newly formed teams disconnect their power supply from their respective transformers daily during the aforesaid timings. At many places, Gepco teams were faced critical situation and the owners of the industrial units exchanged hot words with them.

The industrialists said that the decision was not a proper way and solution to the energy crisis. Meanwhile, the factory workers also protested against the Gepco action, and said that the decision will increase the miseries of the poor because without electricity industrial units would not be able to run properly resultantly the labourers would be affected.