What is lacking is a sense of love for the nation. Those who love would create situations and policies leading to uplift the masses and making the nation look good in the eyes of the world. This has to come from within each individual. Ratan Tata of India is the wealthiest man in the world but he never puts himself on that list. His modesty does not allow it; instead he donates immensely to charities all over India. A few German motor cyclists wanted to ride recently from India to Germany, through Pakistan, but were told by some authorities outside Pakistan to avoid driving through Pakistan.

Moin Khan, a young man from Lahore, who made a documentary titled, “Rediscovering Pakistan” sent the 3 Germans that documentary to watch and then decide. This resulted in bringing the three Germans to Pakistan. They are here right now. Riding their bikes from Lahore to Islamabad and then to Karakorum; the documentary portrays the hospitality of the people and facilities that are available and the ease of travel with good security. That is the love for the country that we all need to develop.

When leaders do not demonstrate this spirit the responsibility falls on the intellectual population, you and I. That is what young Moin realized and developed the idea of the documentary. Somehow a voice has to be raised loud enough, that people all over the world, can hear and readjust their impressions of Pakistan. We all have to step out of our comfort zone and begin to engage the leaders in a dialogue. Pakistani youth are at par with the rest of the world. Intelligent, dedicated what is lacking is the vision. We need to work on providing that vision.


Lahore, June 11.