ISLAMABAD - All major political parties in Pakistan agreed on launching investigation into the allegations leveled against MQM in a BBC's documentary aimed at bringing the culprits to justice.

Talking to The Nation, a Karachi-based senior leader of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) Imran Ismail insisted that the government should expose the pro-Indian elements in Pakistani politics.

He urged the Interior Ministry to take action against MQM over the report of BBC, which alleged that two MQM leaders admitted their party was getting funds and weapons from Indian secrete agency RAW.

He said the ministry needed to take these allegations seriously and to peruse the matter deeply. "The Interior Ministry should also approach the British government to seek evidence and to initiate investigation against MQM top leadership," he added. He also urged the government to make the evidence public as countrymen want to know reality.

Senior Leader of Jamaat Islami Liaquat Baloch said that MQM Chief Altaf Hussain had spoken loudly in favour of India in the past on several occasions. He said the MQM chief had also demanded a separate country for Urdu speaking people a few years ago. He said the evidence against MQM was a proof that India used a political party of Pakistan to impose its agenda in the region. He said that MQM was the political party which introduced terrorism and target killing in the port city. He said that the country's intelligence agencies had proofs against MQM.

Baloch demanded the government and law and enforcement agencies to take action against MQM without any delay. He said that all political parties had already agreed on the National Action Plan which empowered law enforcement agencies to carry out operation in Karachi to overcome terrorism.

Talking to The Nation, Spokesman of Jamiat Ullama Islami-Fazl Jan Muhammmad Achakzai said the allegations leveled in a BBC's report should be investigated. He said if the government could take action on NYT report against one company then why it could not take action on the BBC's report.

He said that India was involved in organised proxy war in Pakistan. "From Balochistan to Karachi, to FATA, RAW has cultivated proxies providing funding, logistics, travelling documents and training," he added.

He pointed out that India had singled out Pakistan as a country to keep boiling, instable and underdeveloped. He said that there had been serious allegations against MQM, including weapon recovery, wanted criminals' arrest so it needed to come out clean on these charges. "MQM as a peaceful law abiding party is an asset but nexus of criminality with politics should be broken," he added.

President of Awami National Party Haji Adeel sharing his views on BBC's report said; "MQM is the largest political party of Karachi, therefore it must challenge the BBC report in the court."

He said that there were allegations of MQM's involvement in target killing in Karachi and other criminal activities but the Indian funding allegations could not be affordable for country's future.

He said the allegations against MQM put a question mark on the Pakistani security agencies' credibility as they failed to trace out RAW activities in Pakistan.

PML-N Secretary General Sind Senator Nehal Hashmi said if allegations against MQM levelled in the BBC's report proved true the government would take action against it inside the country and would also approach the UN to take actions against India. He admitted that if these allegations proved true this would be a failure of our intelligence agencies as well which could not intercept RAW's involvement in Pakistani. He termed it an issue of our national security and the government was taking it serious. He said that India had funded a political party to divide the country in two parts in 1970s but this time we would not allow India to succeed in hatching any conspiracy against Pakistan.