LAHORE: Instructions have been issued to the PPP divisional, districts and tehsil levels office bearers and workers to protest the ongoing torturous load shedding of electricity and government’s inability to control it on June 26, said Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo in a statement issued from the Party secretariat on Wednesday.

He said that the protest by the PPP in Lahore would be on the pattern of the opposition parties in Islamabad on the date adding that he was contacting the leadership of the other parties to participate in the protest because the people were fed up with hollow promises of this government. Their credibility in this count is zero, he added.

Manzoor pointed out that judging from the track record of this government it was easy to draw the conclusions that this government was quick in making tall promises but no deliverance at all; and as such, the people had lost all hopes of better days in this count.

He observed that now the government had promised to control it by 2018 but it would also prove wrong.

He recalled that the chief minister of Punjab used to make tall claims about ending the load shedding in months not in years, but he could only add 100 mw in two years and that too the most expensive electricity. The Nandipur Power Projects is not producing electricity since it inauguration and is a constant source of heap of embarrassment for the chief minister and his governance, he added.–Staff Reporter

He maintained that the PML (N) sought the votes of the electorates on the electricity issue in 2013 elections and yet they pushed the people to the shocking level of load shedding of electricity that had made their lives miserable.