ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) missed the deadline to file brief of arguments to the Inquiry Commission as MQM and PML-N submitted their synopsis on Wednesday (June 24), the deadline set for filing arguments.

However, the PTI Task Force chairman Ishaq Khan Khakwani informed that PTI will submit brief of arguments today, while the PML-N did not share with media the synopsis of its arguments.

In its 17-page reply, PML-N rejected all the allegations of elections rigging. A member of legal team told that the PTI failed to prove its allegation of rigging. Likewise, the PTI did not say anything about its allegations of rigging, which had been levelled by party leadership during the sit-in.

The PML-N contends that printing of extra ballot papers is not a new thing as same was done in previous elections as well. It is also contended that the allegations against the role of Returning Officers have also proved wrong as all the extra ballot papers were fully accounted for.

The Inquiry Commission, set up to probe the allegations of rigging in the general elections 2013, on Monday issued a press release stating: “As the Commission has finished recording of evidence on 19.06.2015 and directed all parties, if they so desired, to file written briefs/synopsis/skeleton arguments by 24.06.2015.”

The MQM in its statement denied the allegations of election rigging, levelled by Muhajir Quami Movement (Haqiqi) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI). “All adverse allegations levelled by JI and Haqiqi in the proceedings before the Judicial Commission are denied, constituting nothing but sour grapes”, says the written statement, submitted by MQM counsel Farogh Naseem.

The statement says both Haqiqi and JI have not been able to present any evidence or material of any credence even before the Judicial Commission which could show that MQM had won the elections by way of any systematic effort or design of rigging, adding that mere false and sweeping allegations are not enough.

The statement says that before the advent of MQM in 1986-87, the religious parties, which included JI, had a vote bank in urban Sindh. However, after the advent of MQM, all religious or other parties, including JI, were completely wiped out from urban Sindh by MQM.

“From 1986-87 till date except for the two elections which were boycotted by the MQM (i.e. 1993 Federal Elections and the 2001 Local Bodies’ Elections) it obtained landslide victories in Urban Sindh.”

The MQM rejected the allegation with regard to using force against political opponents, kidnapping polling agents or capturing the polling stations.

As regard to Haqiqi, the MQM states that the said party was created by vested quarters so as to create a splinter group in MQM but the experiment miserably failed, adding that all those who contend that Haqiqi is a genuine political party and represents the people of Karachi are in fact not sincere to the people of Karachi.

“Both Haqiqi and JI have boycotted the General Elections of 2013. Section 5(3) of the Ordinance provides that for the purposes of section 3 of the Ordinance, any political party which had participated in the General Elections of 2013 could depose, and such other persons as the Judicial Commission may permit in the interest of justice will be allowed to adduce evidence or material or make submissions.”