Rwalpindi/islamabad - Masses suffering from scorching heat and electricity load shedding were relieved on Wednesday when heavy rain hit twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The rainwater flooded various roads, posing hardships for commuters and pedestrians. City traffic police, following the instructions of Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Shoaib Khurram Janbaz, controlled the traffic.

According to details, heavy rain dropped mercury and brought a pleasant change in the weather.

During a survey of the city, it was witnessed that almost all the major roads were presenting the scene of swimming pools, exposing the inefficiency of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The sewerage system was chocked and water was gushing out on streets and roads in Saddar, Peshawar Road, Misrial, RA Bazaar, TPT Headquarter Battalion, 22 Number, Tench Bhatta, Bakra Mandi, Tahli Mohri, Dhoke Syedan, Chakri Road, Gulshan-e-Saeed, Raja Bazaar, Jamia Masjid Road, Murree Road, Bank Road, Chaklala Scheme-III, Westridge, Kashmiri Bazaar, Gawalmandi, Rawal Road, Satellite Town, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Kuri Road, Shamsabad, Double Road, Sir Syed Road, Airport Road and other areas. In various localities of the city, the people remained busy wiping the rainwater out of their houses.

However, the citizens including children expressed their happiness over rain. A local Zubair said that very hot weather conditions had made difficult for him to observe fast but now the weather is cool after rain and he would observe fast without any trouble.

APP adds: After observing five fasts in hot weather, the rain spell on Wednesday morning turned the weather pleasant and encouraged the people to hold Iftar outdoor, especially at the recreational places. People belonging to all age groups visited the popular recreational spots such as Pir Sohawa, Daman e Koh, National Monument, F-9 Park, Lake View Park, Jasmine Garden, Shakarparian, Playland and prepared special food for Iftari, while others took food for Iftar with them.

Besides, a number of people gathered for Iftar in Faisal Mosque.

Muhammad Amin said, “We consider this rain spell as a blessing for fasting people as weather is pleasant now and people can visit various recreational spots and enjoy Iftar gatherings.”

Meanwhile, the sale of fried food items has witnessed sharp increase after the rain.

A pakora, samosa, katchori and rolls seller said that his sale had sharply increased as in hot weather people preferred cold drinks to fried foods.

Meanwhile, the much-needed spell of rain has not only brought relief for the resident of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but also comfort for the animals which were exposed to the hot weather at Marghazar Zoo.

There are no proper facilities to maintain a conducive temperature for animals like brown bear, ibex and monkeys etc.

Although, these animals have been brought into zoo from cold and hilly areas but they have been caged without air-conditioned or any other similar facility. A number of animals are gradually dying because of the lack of proper shelters and proper attention.

However, the pleasant weather has given a brief relief to the animals, said Ejaz Ahmed a regular visitor of the Zoo. He said that the Marghazar Zoo Administration is planning to get more animals including lions and Tigers in near future but added, the administration should built cages for the new wild animals in accordance with the international standard.

The zoo is the centre of attraction not only for residents of Islamabad but also for tourists who visit the federal capital but due to inadequate facilities in the zoo, animals have been dying due to heat as well as improper facilities.

When contacted, an official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) informed that the Authority will add 55 acres more land to the zoo to make new animal enclosures under the approved plan. Under the project, two animals enclosures have already been completed while the remaining packages will be completed gradually with the availability of funds.

Presently the design of elephant enclosure has been completed and will soon be constructed.

The design of lion enclosure and animal hospital is in progress.