Apropos shocking revelation by DG Rangers that Rs 230 billion black money, collected through corruption, is used to finance criminal and terrorist activities and private militias involved in making citizens of Karachi hostage to outlaws. How can we even think of combating threats by Modi, if we allow terrorism to be financed by criminal economy within country’s financial hub? What can be more tyrannical than state allowing corrupt middlemen to deliver non standard equipment for security and defense purposes, with connivance of few rotten eggs? Nobody, including members of political elite, elected or otherwise, paid bureaucracy, civil or uniformed, is more important than national security or sanctity of lives and private property of citizens.

Have we forgotten how an air-conditioned mobile clinic, donated for Thar ended at the farm house of a minister. A senior bureaucrat posted as CFO CAA, allowed undocumented landing at Karachi, with no record of cargo or crew manifest, just to pocket billions in landing and parking fee. The ease with which couriers like Ayan are facilitated to travel to Dubai, carrying millions of dollars, nor how overnight land, allocated for amenity parks was converted to marriage halls, or how busy areas like Tariq Road and Sir Syed Road, Paposh etc allowed unlawful encroachment by vendors for commercial purposes on roads and why thousands of ghost employees went unchecked within Water Board, Fish Harbor, Karachi Building Authority, KPT, PIA etc.

This is a city where for more than 12 years illegal water hydrants exist and function within cantonment and city or district administration, while no water flows through taps, yet citizens pay water charges. According to the constitution, which empowers city and provincial governments, with sole responsibility and objective to serve people, protect their lives, provide education health and security, enforce rule of law, which unfortunately they have miserably failed to do in Karachi, far worse than in any other part of country, although there has never been shortage of funds. Citizens must not be left at the mercy of criminals, even if they have patronage of elected government.


Lahore, June 12.