A: Oh look, the US envoy just got summoned by France to be scolded over the spying controversy. When will the US learn? I think they have a addiction when it comes to espionage, they cant seem to get enough. All of those spy movies must’ve gone to their head.

S: Haha, this ought to be interesting. But this has always been the US’s conundrum; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

A: ‘Damned if you don’t’? Who will damn them for not spying?

S: Their own people, the Congress, the military. Like it or not but espionage has become a modern necessity. Every country wants to protect itself and will go to any lengths to do it. France is going to scold the US, but don’t you think they have their own espionage operations in place? Everybody does it, the one who gets caught is condemned.

A: Yes, but just because everyone does it does not mean it is right, complex espionage operations are equitable to acts of war. The US constantly blames China for cyber attacks which steal information and their military official keep calling it an act of sabotage and subterfuge. Everybody does it, but it is our job to condemn it.

S: Really? Would you condemn a man who overheard you saying something important but who does not use that information to harm you? Spying is information gathering. It would have been sabotage or an act of war, if somehow US infrastructure or personnel would have been harmed.

A: These are very fine academic distinctions Sadiq. If you were a military commander I’m sure you would have a different opinion.