One was delighted to learn that incumbent Pakistan government have decided to stop further borrowing from IMF and other financial institutions after 2016. The finance minister announced that foreign reserves have reached up to $20 billion and Pakistan economy was on the right path to achieve sustainable economic growth. But one’s hope to witness Pakistan on its way to progress and prosperity shattered due to finance minister holding talks with IMF and ADP in the wake of preparation of 2017-2018 budget. Moreover the disclosure by daily tribune of today that Pakistan borrowed $ 1.4 billion during last 6 months including 450 million from Suisse credit in violation of PPRA rules as well as tainting much touted transparency, has exposed the shallowness of Pakistan economy. I being a layman can’t understand deceptive economic complexities, but my happiness has turned into delusion and despair. Will some economist kindly explain the real position about Pakistan economy for general awareness of people?


Islamabad, May 3.