I have been living in GOR1 for the past 30 years. No, I’m not one of the grass widows whose husbands are running around the country doing everything in their power to not let the country survive. I live on one of the private lanes in GOR, and we are proud of being the thorn in the flesh of the mighty bureaucrats, judges and God knows who else.

We pay our bills unlike everyone else in GOR and at times more than others as we probably are the only ones paying for water gas and electricity (All government officers and judges bills are paid by the government).

I have over the years set the locals in three categories who are all hopeless and hapless, but none the less different. The orphans are the ones who live on the five or six private lanes in GOR, they are not listened to when they have any problem regarding electricity, water even road works are not for this miserable lot. They can all turn to cinder with too high voltage or all die with no electricity at all. They can drown in the monsoon rain or die of no water (they should not be using GOR water anyway). The orphans should ideally put corks in all the holes, inlets and outlets so that all their troubles are taken care of. Why on earth should they be alive and why should they own property in GOR and that too GOR 1. Give them so much trouble that they themselves leave their God forsaken homes.

Then there are the destitute, the poor lot living in the quarters of the big Saabs and Memsaabs of GOR. They work for a pittance and at times not even that because they have a shelter on their heads so they don’t deserve pay. Their men work outside and their women inside the homes cooking dusting and cleaning, and if they are “clean” the begum sab lets them massage her feet.

Then there are the step children of GOR1. They are the policewalas that are posted here, they are supposed to check every vehicle that goes into GOR, come rain, snow, sunshine, blizzard, killing high temperature... but if they commit the crime of checking the government cars or any judge’s cars…. They are promptly out on their butt. No wonder they salute you if you give them a cold bottle of water or talk to them nicely.

Here is a fourth category, a vast one, but as they are the rulers and law makers and breakers, my lips are sealed and my fingers grow numb to write anything about this exalted lot. It would be sacrilege.

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