With due respect, I want to use my right of freedom of expression regarding the rising heat between North Korea and America. Recently, North Korea turned down the shutting down of nuclear missiles tests and productions demanded by U.S.A. The tension between these two countries is increasing day by day as the federal personality of North Korea when talked to American news channel expressed that North Korea does not care about what happens in America, or who wins the presidential election in U.S.A. or what it demands from us. The media of North Korea is not even giving relevance coverage to the race to White House of America as other friendly and compitetive countries. Not only this, but the head of the country threatened that if anyone tried to manipulated North Korea’s trade way then we would convert the whole East Asia into a hell. On the other side American media has alarmed and warned North Korea that such aggressive decisions could do nothing but strenghthen the isolation of North Korea with other relative countries. How will this heat be cold down?.By means of diplomacy? or by nuclear war ?.One thing that is crystal clear that none of the opponents are seem to step back from their aggressive statements and actions. I hope with the support of your respected news paper, I will be successful in explaining my opinion. 


Karachi, May 3.