The Millat Express (from Sargodha to Karachi) does not stop at Chenab Nagar. This deprives the residents of this thriving town and of its surrounding villages up to nearly 12 miles of a convenient rail stop for inter-provincial travel. Almost quarter of a million people live in this zone, west of River Chenab. Pakistan Railway will not only earn considerable revenue from this stop at Millat, but will also prove its credentials of being people-friendly. In the past, the Chenab Express and Super Express used to make stops but it is baffling that now even the single express train does not stop at the station which is important on many counts. Authorising a stop at Chenab Nagar for the Millat Express will be a meritorious act for public relations in the month of Ramzan. It will surely add to government’s income. 


Chiniot, June 4.