LAHORE - What is the picture seen above?

It’s a 1.5 litre bottle almost full of water.

It is hanging from the door – and thus its function changes.

Now it has become a door closer – and the likes of it can be seen in many a courtroom in the LDA Complex facing the Election Commission offices on the Court street.

A door closer is a gadget which can be purchased just for a couple of thousand rupees. It is attached to doors and operates automatically when a door is opened.

An empty bottle can’t perform the same function as it’s the water that creates energy in it.

The government is said to be short of funds and, therefore, is using the water bottles as door closers.

The Nation reporter asked a judge as to what was it that was hanging from the door.

Embarrassed for a while, the judge explained its function and how it was saving the government’s valuable funds.

The reporter pointed out the importance the government was extending to the judiciary.

Feeling more embarrassed, the judge referred to the courtroom he was sitting in. Please see the four walls of this courtroom, he asked the reporter and then explained that they were all ‘built’ of hardboard.

He said the ‘modern’ door closer and the ‘durable’ four walls of the courtroom should amply explain the tremendous importance the lower judiciary is getting.

Perhaps the ‘doctrine of necessity’ was at work in courtrooms, commented the reporter.