OKARA - Depalpur police claimed to have arrested five members of a dacoit gang including the ringleader and recovered a huge amount of cash and other valuables from their possession here the other day. According to police, the accused were identified as Asghar [ringleader], Ali Ahmed, Sunny Bodla, Ali Arshad alias Billa Nonari and Zohaib Bodla. Police said that the accused would rob people returning from banks after withdrawing cash. Depalplur Circle Assistant Superintendent of Police [ASP] Nauherwan Ali Chandiyo told the media that he, considering rapid increase in crime incidents, formed a special police squad headed by Saddr police SHO Inspector Qalbe Sajjad.

  Utilising their professional capabilities, the team members traced out the criminals and arrested them. He added that the police also recovered four motorcycles, Rs400,000 cash and illegal weapons from their possession.