SIALKOT - The final list of PML-N candidates in Sialkot has revealed that the party ignored the middle class aspirants and chose only feudal lords as its candidates for July 25, 2018 general elections.

No candidate belonging to middle class could get PML-N party ticket for any constituency in Sialkot district which will further promote dynastic politics in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils. PML-N has awarded ticket to Chaudhry Armughan Subhani in constituency (NA 72, Sialkot-I), Khawaja Muhammad Asif in NA-73, Sialkot-II, Ali Zahid Hamid in NA-74,Sialkot-III, Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah in NA-75, Sialkot-IV and Rana Shamim Ahmed in NA-76, Sialkot-V.

PML-N top leadership preferably awarded its tickets to four former MNAs in Sialkot while the party ticket of Zahid Hamid was replaced with his son Ali Zahid.

These PML-N candidates have been doing politics for the last several decades besides preferably promoting the family politics in Sialkot district.

Now, the political legacy was being transferred to the young generation through the promotion of family politics.

The top leadership of PML-N dropped the three former MPAs Muhammad Asif Bajwa(Daska) and Ch. Munawar Ali Gill and Rana Liaqat Ali (Pasrur tehsil) and awarded tickets to the new candidates in their constituencies.

It was learnt the Pasrur-based former PML-N MPAs Ch Munawar Ali Gill and Rana Liaqat Ali had started criticising Zahid Hamid, former federal law minister, after the Tuhaffuz-e-Namoos-e-Risaalat Law amendment attempt. Therefore, the PML-N top leadership dropped both the former MPAs.

PML-N's candidate in constituency (NA 73, Sialkot-II) Khawaja Asif also got allotted the party tickets to his wife Musarrat Asif Khawaja and niece Shiza Khawaja for the special seats. Khawaja was five times winner from the constituency.

Khawaja Asif got allotted tickets to his three other close associates. PML-N awarded ticket to Mansha Ullah Butt (former provincial minister Punjab) in constituency (PP 37, Sialkot-III), Ch Muhammad Ikram in (PP 36, Sialkot-II) and Ch Arshad Javaid Warraich in (PP 44, Sialkot-X).

Former MNA and PML-N candidate in constituency (NA 72, Sialkot-I) Chaudhary Armughan Subhani also got allotted the party ticket to his cousin Tariq Akhtar Subhani in constituency (PP 38, Sialkot-IV).

According to the final lists of its candidates, the PML-N candidate in (NA 75, Sialkot-IV) Syed Iftikharul Hassan Shah also got awarded party ticket to his son Syed Attaul Hassan Shah in constituency (PP 41, Sialkot-VII). He is new in the field of politics and his electoral constituency consists of mostly the rural areas of Daska tehsil.

In Daska city's constituency (PP 42, Sialkot-VIII), the PML-N leadership awarded party ticket to Zeeshan Rafiq (the very close associate to Shehbaz Sharif and also former political advisor to former Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif). The PML-N leadership dropped Muhammad Asif Bajwa while awarding party ticket.

Former federal law minister Zahid Hamid got allotted the PML-N ticket to his son Ali Zahid Hamid in constituency (NA 74, Sialkot-III). PML-N candidate in constituency (NA 76, Sialkot-V) Rana Shamim former MNA also got allotted party ticket to his son Rana Abdul Sattar former MPA in constituency (PP 45, Sialkot-XI). Former MPA Rana Muhammad Iqbal Harnah now got allotted the PML-N party ticket to his son Rana Arif in constituency (PP 35, Sialkot-I).

Jamil Ashraf Baryar, vice chairman of Sialkot District Council, and Ch Mohsin Ashraf Baryar, have brought their brother Ch Naveed Ashraf in election race as PML-N candidate in constituency (PP 43, Sialkot-IX). They are three brothers and now they have transferred the political legacy to their third brother.

PML-N has again fielded former MPA Ch Arshad Javaid Warraich in constituency (PP 44, Sialkot-X). He is father of Hina Arshad Warraich (Chairperson of Sialkot District Council) and very close associate of PML-N bigwig Khawaja Muhammad Asif.

In constituency (PP 39, Sialkot-V), the PML-N top leadership awarded party ticket to Mirza Altaf Hussain, who is president of PML-N Saudi Arabia and very close associate of the Nawaz Sharif, by dropping out the local former MPA Rana Liaqat Ali, who is president of PML-N Germany.