Lahore  -  The election on July 25 is a ‘do or die’ effort as the choice before the people is between proven performance and false promises with politics of dharnas and destabilisation.

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif expressed these views during a meeting with delegation of Lawyers’ wing of PML-N here in Model Town on Sunday.

Shehbaz said PML-N delivered on all fronts and PTI deceived on all counts. Destruction of an uprooted Peshawar with failure to build the Metro is living testimony to PTI’s performance, he maintained.

Under the leadership of its Quaid Nawaz Sharif, PML-N was able to rid the country of the scourges of terrorism and energy crisis that took a heavy toll on the economy.

“Now is the time to make the country an economic power through meaningful reforms.”

He lauded the role of the lawyers in upholding the rule of law and supremacy of constitution, stating that they were the vanguard in the struggle for independence of judiciary, which formed a glorious chapter in the country’s history.

The PML-N president asked the party lawyers to form legal aid committees to help the party’s candidates with legal advice as well as keeping an eye on any attempts to rig the election. He said the legal committees should spring into action as and when anyone tries to flout the law or interfere into the electoral process.

Shehbaz said provision of level playing fields to all parties was a must so that the people could make choices based on their understanding of who served them in office and who deceived them. He said the PML-N had prepared a very comprehensive manifesto that contained solutions to the multiple problems faced by the country. The former Punjab chief minister said, “We have prioritised water crisis, health and education as they are the matter of life and death for the nation. If people give us the chance to serve them, we will make sure that the work begins on resolving the water crisis on the same day. We will be expanding our interventions in health and education sector to the whole of Pakistan,” he added.

Pakistan will suffer an irreparable damage if, God-forbid, July 25 polls are not free, fair and transparent. This will undermine all the progress that has been made in past few years and the real essence of democracy & supremacy of ballot.

“Preventing rigging and promoting fair, free and transparent polls is our goal and lawyers forum will play a key role in this regard,” he concluded.