WAZIRABAD - The Punjab Interim Government has made the Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology (WIC) functional merely in 10 days of its rule, unlike the PML-N government, which had failed to make the hospital functional despite being in rule for a decade.

It is to be noted that building and other infrastructure of the WIC was completed in 2008 at a cost of Rs1.95 billion but the outgoing PML-N government kept on delaying its functioning.

According to details, the construction of WIC was announced by former Punjab chief minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi 11 years ago who had also released requisite funds for the purpose. Building was completed in 2008 with the estimated cost of Rs1.95. But the hospital could not be made functional due to apparently political reasons despite repeated demands of the people of Gujranwala Division which is a population of 10 million approximately.

Even Dr Nisar Ahmad Cheema, now a PML-N candidate for NA-79 Wazirabad, who remained EDO Health Gujranwala, Director Health Gujranwala and Director general Health Punjab, could not make it functional rather he allegedly supported converting the WIC into a General Hospital, an idea largely opposed by the local media and notables of Wazirabad. Interim Health Minister Punjab Prof Dr Jawad Sajid Khan took personal interest and directed the Punjab Health Secretary to take swift steps to make WIC functional as early as possible and ordered that the doctors and medical staff of WIC who will not cooperate in the better interest of the public may be ousted. Resultantly WIC has been made functional for 24 hours. Earlier, OPD of WIC was working for only 6 hours from 8am to 2pm and Emergency partially as well.

On the directives of Caretaker Health Minister Dr Jawad Sajid Khan, 10 new doctors including head of Department Prof Dr Muhammad Waheed, Assistant Prof Dr Wajid, Assistant Prof Dr Abdul Sattar, Assistant Prof Dr Muhammad Aasim, Assistant Prof Dr Aamir Iqbal, Senior Registrar Cardiac Dr Muhammad Nabeel Akbar, Senior Registrar Dr Waqar Hussain, senior registrar Dr Usman Mehmood Butt and senior registrar Dr Muqeem Asghar were appointed who have joined the hospital.  Further more work on Operation Theatre has also been started and hopeful it will start functioning after one week after which no patient who comes to WIC Emergency will be sent back and will be provided with all-out treatment. Rs1.95 billions has been spent on the construction of state of the art building which now as reported needs some renovation work on roofs of the Hospital which leaked during recent rains.

  Budget of WIC is Rs550 millions which include Salaries of the Staff and purchase of the required medicines.  After new steps strength of the medical staff is 25 doctors, 60 nurses and 170 technician and non technical staff from BPS 1 to 9.