PESHAWAR  -  Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal central leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Sunday that the Islamic world was adhering great hopes from Pakistan and the day was not far when Pakistan would come up to their expectations to lead the Islamic world.

“Real change will come through the imposition of Islamic laws in the country and if Muttahida Majlis Amal was given the opportunity in July 25 elections, we will impose Islamic Sharia in the country,” he said while addressing the first ever election rally in Peshawar. 

He congratulated the success of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkish is presidential elections and hoped that the Turkish president would keep up his efforts for the unity of the Islamic world. He said that alliance of the religious political parties was the need of the hour and through this alliance, the religious parties would succeed to form a government. 

He urged the masses to consider their vote as a sacred trust and elect those who were really sincere to the country. He said that the economy Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa has baldy suffered during the PTI government tenure and it would take time to restore the old glory of the Peshawar city.

He said that their rivals were preaching western agenda in Pakistan but they would not succeed in their mission. He said that the MMA would foil the designs of those who put hurdles in the way of imposing Islamic laws and were introducing western culture to the country. 

“We want to make Pakistan more modern, developed and true welfare Islamic state,” the MMA leader said. He said that they would lay the foundation for an independent and sovereign country, where everyone will get free and speedy justice.

He said that western powers want to snatch their freedom and push them towards anarchy but with the help of Allah Almighty, no one could defeat the Islamic ideology and Muslims could better defend their life and honour. 

Addressing on the rally, JI chief Sirjul Haq said the ‘status-quo’ politics has nurtured since the inception of the country. He said the country’s debt had escalated to $185 billion during last 70-years. He alleged the rulers had received loans in the name of Pakistan but accumulated it in their foreign accounts.

He said corruption was rampant in the country. He added that major issues like energy crisis, provision of clean drinking water, best health and education facilities to everyone and establishment of better road-infrastructure raimed unresolved.

He added that the MMA would generate employment opportunities for the youth and those who were unemployed would be given special allowances while five percent of the budget would be allocated for education. 

“We have failed to establish Pakistan as an independent and sovereign country during last 72 years,” he lamented. He said that the MMA’s prime objective was to make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare country, followed by elimination interest-based economic system, raising the core issues of Kashmir and Palestine, bringing back the looted national wealth to the country as well as the provision of other basic amenities to the masses.

He said that the MMA was Islamic alliance aimed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state and get the country rid of international agents.