Former chief minister Punjab and President of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N), Shehbaz Sharif, vowed development and prosperity for Karachi.

He arrived in Karachi to launch the party's election campaign on Monday. 

While addressing an event at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Shehbaz promised to resolve the city's critical issues if PML-N will come into power again. 

He said, "[We] performed to the [best of our capabilties] in the past five years," adding that it is only the past performances which serve as grounds to vote for a political party.

Shahbaz highlighted the most critical issues which Karachi is facing namely water shortage, poor cleanliness and lack of public transport infrastructure. 

He vowed, "PML-N would resolve these issues on a priority basis, just like it had solved the load-shedding crisis by as much as 90%."

While talking about the prevalent water crisis in the metropolis, he said it was time for action, not regrets. 

He claimed, "In two, three years water crisis shouldn’t exist in Karachi," adding that the PML-N government would work with the provincial and city governments to ensure potable water is available to every citizen.  

Furthermore, he said that provincial budget was alone not enough to develop Karachi, the federal government should also allocate budget towards the city's development. 

Highlighting solid waste disposal problem, Shehbaz claimed to rid the city of its garbage dumps within six months if the city's residents placed their trust in PML-N and voted for the party. 

"Public transport is a critical component of a growing economy worldwide," he said. "Karachi won’t be able to develop to its full potential if its basic rights are not granted."

He added, "Dharnas [sit-ins] only wasted people's times." 

Shehbaz will also address a public gathering in NA-249 constituency — from where he intends to contest the July 25 General Election—, as well as in Lyari and Malir.

Delegations of minorities and the young president organisation are also expected to call on Shehbaz during his visit.