LAHORE - Party leader of Kalra Mission group, Sardar Darshan Singh, has said that Pakistan is the land of their spiritual leader and they feel peace of mind on arriving here.

Darshan Singh has arrived in Pakistan from India with his group members to perform religious rites.

He was of the view that he and his group members have gathered love and respect in Pakistan on which they are grateful to people of Pakistan and specially officers of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). He said that Pakistan was country of minorities’ rights and Sikhs were getting best accommodation, security and respect.

He refuted the news of division in Sikh community; we are united and will remain. Speaking on the occasion secretary board Tariq Wazir said that his department was serving Sikh community from the core of their hearts.

He said that they were serving Sikhs as it was their religious and constitutional duty also. He said that Sikh members will stay in Nankana for two days and then will move to Lahore.