LAHORE - The spokesperson of the PML-N and former Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb, responding to a news report carried by the Daily Mail London regarding properties allegedly owned by the Sharif family has said that the publication of the report with a specific hue was a deliberate attempt on the part of the newspaper to influence the outcome of the cases being heard in Pakistan which was not only regrettable but also a breach of the recognised principle of impartiality of the media.

She said that the printing of the report at a time when the case against the former Prime Minister had entered a crucial phase negated his and his family’s legal right to defend themselves and give personal explanations.

Marriyum said that it would raise questions about the outcome of the case.

The spokesperson further reiterated that the publication of the report by the British newspaper on the eve of elections was a conspiracy to benefit the political opponents of the PML-N.

She said that the failure of the newspaper not to accommodate the version of the Sharif family in detail also indicated the dishonesty involved.

Marriyum said that the report was a duplicate of the material used for character assassination in the past and was designed only to re-raise those unfounded allegations. She said that publishing the archaic allegations and concocted stories repeatedly could not transform them into reality.

The spokesperson said that the newspaper was known for its specific political affiliations and the paper itself and its owner had also been accused of similar sinister indiscretions in the past.

She said that this reality corroborated that the carrying of the concerned report by the newspaper was not coincidental.

The ploy to create obstructions in the way of PML-N and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was not new, she concluded.