MULTAN-Naib Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Liaqat Baloch has said that the 2018 election is rigged and dubious which brought with it gifts like highly ineligible government and unending sufferings for the masses.

Talking to the media on Monday, Baloch said that the JI had come into ground against price hike, unemployment, interest based financial system and slavery of IMF. He declared that the JI would steer the country out of prevailing crisis. He said that despite all out reservations on electoral process, open interference of establishment in it and subsequent results, the democratic powers preferred to support democratic system in the country.

He lamented that the Tabdeeli Sarkar turned out to be a jinx for the poor masses which crushed the poor of this country. He maintained that besides poor class, the current government ruined the life of middle class. He said that after getting disappointed from Nawaz, Zardari and dictators the people had pinned hopes on Imran Khan but he badly disappointed the nation. “The PTI government lacks vision and they don’t have any strategy to run the country. Turncoats and corrupt elements from all parties have gathered in PTI who have put the entire country on stake,” he maintained.

He claimed that loans, corruption, increase in interest rate and expansion in the size of begging bowl brought business and economy to a complete halt. He warned that the armies of unemployed youths would shatter everything in coming days.

He said that the budget 2019 was unacceptable and the government must withdraw it. He warned that the trading community of the country is highly perturbed which would result into a further blow to national economy. He said that the assemblies further added to nation’s problems.



Speakers at a meeting of an Inter-faith body noted on Monday Pakistan’s flag is incomplete without minorities, adding that they are loyal citizens and an integral part of this country.

The meeting was organised by Inter-Faith Harmony Committee and the proceedings were chaired by the Additional Deputy Commissioner General Muhammad Ali Bokhari. Speaking on this occasion, he said that all religions taught the lesson of tolerance and harmony. He added that Pakistan was incomplete without its minorities and the government had a special interest in resolving problems faced by them.

He said that communication was key to remove all misunderstandings and develop harmony. “We can remove all misunderstandings and grudges by increasing connectivity with one another,” he added. He assured the participants of the meet