TOBA TEK SINGH - Hundreds of thousands of devotees from different parts of the country attended the two-day celebrations of 16th annual urs of Baba Abdul Aziz Mast which concluded here on Monday.

The celebrations of the urs were inaugurated by shrine’s caretaker Baba Ghulam Rasool. Former councillor Zulfiqar Nasir claimed that more than 150,000 devotees were served meal thrice a day during the urs.

He said: “Although urs is a two-day event, its celebrations always start five days before its inauguration.” He added that dozens of goats were slaughtered and cooked to be served as langar at the shrine.

He said all expenditures were born by the family of late Baba Mast as no charity box was kept at the shrine to collect money for langar. “However, several devotees bring goats which they slaughter at the shrine and serve their meal in langar.”

Traffic police had diverted the heavy traffic from Toba city to Faisalabad and Shorkot. But the motorists still faced difficulties due to rush of devotees on the roads.