BEIJING     -   The Chinese government fully protects citizens’ freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law.

This was stated by a spokes­person of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang at a regular news briefing here on Monday.

While rejecting a ‘Inter­national Religious Freedom Report” of 2018 issued by US State Department, he said the Chinese people of all na­tionalities enjoy full religious freedom in accordance with the law.

“The US side’s report on China-related content and US Secretary of State Pompeo’s remarks on disregard of facts, full of ideological prejudice, smashing Chinese religious and political policies, and publicly interfering in China’s internal affairs,” he remarked.

He pointed out that there are nearly 200 million people of all kinds of religious believers in China, of which more than 20 million are Muslims, more than 380,000 religious faculty mem­bers, 5,500 religious groups, and more than 140,000 reli­gious activities registered in accordance with the law.

He said “there are 24,400 existing mosques in Xinjiang, and an average of 530 Mus­lims own a mosque. People of all nationalities enjoy full freedom of religious be­lief. China’s ethnic and reli­gious policies are open and transparent.