Irrespective of whether Pakistan wins or loses its world cup matches, the bitter reality is that the team lacks consistency, discipline, commitment, strategy, and leadership. No team can be expected to win 50 or 20 over match unless it has been instructed to field properly and take catches along with consistent scoring by its key batsmen. Lower and middle order should be capable of scoring in double figures. Except for a few intelligent bowlers who vary speed or maintain length, the rest of them are predictable. The Captain has failed to play a single skipper’s inning.

PCB failed to maintain administrative control by succumbing to player’s demands of allowing their families to accompany them for the World Cup. This is not a paid holiday on state expenses but a very serious tournament where only the best team will win. How many other teams have been allowed to bring their wives and children along? The players cannot be expected to perform well if they do not get a night of proper sound sleep. Children are likely to fall ill or suffer minor ailments, which can be a cause of concern for their fathers.

There is no justification for Chief Selector to accompany the team, once the squad has been selected. As a former star batsman whose fielding skills were always questionable, he cannot be expected to give due importance to this vital aspect. There are also reports of late-night Zikr sermons followed by big dinners. A lot has changed since we won the world cup in 1992. The team should be busy getting advises from its coach about its weaknesses and also about the strong and weak points of its opposing team with the help of recordings, instead of remaining busy with its families.