The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Tuesday rejected the government’s decision to increase fares of all passenger trains by seven per cent from next month.

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had announced last Saturday that the fares of all trains will be hiked 6 to 7 per cent owing to increase in oil prices.

PPP MNA Nafisa Shah in a statement said the increase in train fares will put extra burden on the poor, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan is passing all burden onto the common man.

Slamming the railway minister’s performance, she said trains are reaching their destinations with significant delays and train accidents have become a routine.

“Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed can’t deceive people by inaugurating fake trains,” she said, adding that they both are responsible for the railway’s downfall.

“Where is that Imran Khan who used to demand resignation of the minister over train accidents,” she questioned.

Earlier, on June 22, Sheikh Rasheed said the proposed increase will increase the present fares by Rs100 or so.

He said there would be no increase in the fares for passengers travelling to the destination up to 50 kilometer and for those who had already got their seats reserved.