LAHORE - The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) on Monday told the Lahore High Court (LHC) that a fundamental rights chapter along with the UN declaration of human rights had been included in the school-level curriculum.

The reply came from the PCTB after a notice issued in January this year to its chairman in a contempt petition filed for not including the fundamental rights chapter in the textbooks of primary and secondary school education.

In the light of the undertaking given by the representative of the board, Justice Ayesha A Malik disposed of the petition.

In a petition filed by the purpose fulfilled, the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) filed a reply that fundamental rights chapter has now been included in school curriculum syllabus along with United Nations declaration of human rights.

UN human rights declaration also made part of the syllabus

The petitioner’s counsel argued that the petition has borne fruit by the inclusion of fundamental rights chapter in the new syllabus. He contended in the petition that fundamental rights education creates awareness amongst the youth about their rights including right to live, right to fair trial, right to equal treatment etc.

The undertaking of inclusion of fundamental rights was filed through a reply by the managing director of the board. As a result, the petition was disposed of in the light of the undertaking. The petitioner was represented by Sheraz Zaka Advocate.

In an earlier order, the court said, “The request of the learned counsel is tenable. Therefore a copy of this petition and all the annexures attached with it be sent to respondent No 5 (PCTB chairman Muhammad Akram) who shall treat it as a pending representation on behalf of the petitioner and decide upon his grievance in accordance with law through a speaking order after hearing the necessary parties within one month of receipt of certified copy of this order. Compliance report shall be submitted to deputy registrar (Judicial) of this court.”

Also the Singh High Court directed the Sindh provincial government to include fundamental rights chapter in the school syllabus from 2015 onwards.