PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Finance Taimur Jhagra, on Wednesday said that in cit­izen’s budget Rs 5.9 billion were spent in Jan­uary 2019 while Rs 12.7 billion were spent in January 2020. Similarly Rs 3.2 billion were spent in February 2019 and Rs 8.8 billion in February 2020, nearly triple of what was spent during the same month last year.

In response to a question about KPRA from Khushdil Khan, the Minister for Finance said that revenue shortfall was not because of KPRA, but because of federal transfers due to COVID-19 and NHP shortfall. In the previous year, KPRA collect­ed Rs 10 billion, this year collections reached Rs 17 billion, showing 70 percent increase. This is the highest collection by any revenue authority in Pakistan, and a record for KP as well.

In response to another question from Sar­dar Babak about post sanctioning system, the Minister of Finance said that schools were con­structed, capital cost was incurred, but cost of staff and equipment to run delayed.

Responding to a question about PFM Act, the Minister of Finance said that a draft law had been prepared based in the light of federal and other provincial laws. He said that KP would be the first province to bring new PFM law and strengthen systems to ensure better scrutiny of budget.