Surrendering after receiving a bloody nose from the Chinese forces along the LAC, India has resorted to the expected: distract the public by diverting attention towards the boogeyman in Pakistan. And who has the mighty Indian state with a mythical strongman character at its helm of affairs chosen as the subject for its ire and fury? Diplomats, stationed at the Pakistan High Commission in India. With bright ideas in increasingly short supply, the Indian government has demanded a 50 percent reduction in diplomatic staff within 7 days, accusing them of everything short of murder. As it should, Pakistan has responded in kind, demanding the same from the Indian High Commission in Pakistan.

With no answers for the opposition parties and the wider public, and no hopes of correcting the debacle at Galwan Valley, the Hindutva fascists of the BJP government are attempting to up the ante in their hostility towards Pakistan. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s warning that India might be preparing a false flag operation to use against Pakistan should not be taken lightly. In any case, Pakistan should remain prepared for any eventuality. History has taught us clearly that appeasement does not work with fascists. As evidenced from their literature, their history and their actions, there ought to be no doubt in the Pakistani policy circles that they are dealing with certified fascists, who did not even spare Gandhi.

In their quest to correct what they view as historical wrongs, the fascists will commit blunder after blunder as long as they hold power in India. The minorities will remain hostage, and opposing voices from the Hindu populace will continue to be suppressed with the aid of the many Goebbels unleashed through primetime television. It is up to Indians to see through the propaganda, liberate themselves from hate within and bring change. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it should continue to show restraint and responsible behaviour just as it has successfully managed so far, but never shy away from responding swiftly and adequately whenever necessary.