PESHAWAR - On the directive of Chief Minister Khy­ber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, the first meeting of the committee for re­solving the problems of private schools and formulating future strategies held here at Committee Room Civil Secre­tariat with reference to the problems caused by the Covid-19.

The office-bearers of Private Schools Education Network (PEN) told the meeting that private schools have been badly affected by the Corona situation. They shared views over attendance of school teachers and administration staff, tax exemptions for schools and soft loan demands from the govern­ment.

Minister for Education Akbar Ayub Khan, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister for Excise and Taxation Ghaz­an Jamal, Secretary Education Nadeem Aslam, Managing Director Private Schools Regulatory Authority Tashfeen Haider and President Private Schools Education Network Saleem Khan, Fa­zlullah Daudzai, Anas Takrim and oth­er-officials attended the meeting.

The members of the committee agreed to allow 10% of the total teach­ing staff for online classes and 10 em­ployees of the administration staff to attend the schools so that the school affairs could be run smoothly and to prevent wastage of precious time of the students.

Regarding soft loans to private schools from Frontier Education Foundation, Minister for Education and other mem­bers of the committee said that if the Foundation wants to amend the Ordi­nance to deal with the emergency situ­ation and then get formal approval from the Board, the Education Department would make recommendations for the Foundation and special care would be taken of all rules and regulations.

Regarding tax exemptions, it was de­cided that private schools have been given tax exemptions in many places in the budget and no additional bur­den or tax has been imposed on them. However, the committee would con­sider their issues and decide in accord­ance with the law.

Regarding the participation of pri­vate schools in the Ehsas programme, Minister for Education Akbar Ayub Khan said that special talks would be held with Federal Minister for Edu­cation Shafqat Mahmood in this re­gard. He said that students of univer­sities were benefiting from the Ehsas programme adding that the federation would extend hand if there was no le­gal complication.

The next meeting would be held on Monday in which all recommendations would be finalized and report would be sent to the Chief Minister.