ISLAMABAD - MNAs from the government and opposition benches in Wednesday’s National Assembly session mostly preferred political point-scoring over having the budget debate, as matters related to some ‘politicians taking ‘NRO’ and a possible ‘vote of confidence’ dominated the proceedings.

As in the previous sessions, MNAs from both sides spent the majority of the time blaming each other for the problems Pakistan was facing at the moment.  Taking part in debate, PML-N’s MNA Khwaja Saaed Rafique said that the opposition would not bring a no-confidence motion against PTI’s government.

“Opposition is not in favour of toppling this government, the slot of Prime Minister was badly insulted and in future nobody may want to become the Prime Minister,” he feared.

The former Railway Minister said that this government was pushing the country to a bad situation.  “Government should seriously think about Pakistan, lest you [government members] have to show money trails,” he said, mentioning that there was a lack of democracy, justice and economic stability in the country due to the wrong policies of the government.

He said that the country had not learnt lessons from the East Pakistan tragedy. “You [government] are not in a position to even sit with the opposition to discuss national issues,” he said, commenting that this government was based only on eleven votes in the NA.

PTI’s MNA from southern Punjab Khwaja Sheraz , despite being a member of treasury benches, did not paint a rosy picture of  incumbent government.

He said it would be difficult for the government to easily deal with the current economic challenges. He joined the opposition in demanding an increase in the salaries and pensions of government servants. He expressed his hopelessness about giving jobs to the young people of the country as promised by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Minister for Communication Murad Saaed, speaking on a point of personal explanation, claimed that seven MNAs from PPP-P had requested for an NRO and one of them is still present in the house.

He regretted the opposition’s personal attacks on him and Prime Minister Imran Khan.  “I will never become part of status-quo. I will continue to fight against criminals and never be afraid of criticism,” he said.