MITHI - Four more children died due to malnutrition and viral diseases taking tally to 53 in the current month in Tharparkar.

The deputy commissioner in a press release on Wednesday said that four children died due to malnutrition and various viral infections surfaced due to hot weather which includes 7-month-old Soomri d/o Ilyas and 3 new born kids of Sikandar, Khameeso Bheel and Gotam Kolhi.

Earlier on June 13, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Tharparkar Dr Shahzad Tahir Thaheem had said that four children died due to various epidemic diseases including neonatal sypsis, low weight, esphegzya, asthamic disorder diseases.

He said 75 children were brought in government hospitals of the district out of which 31 kids were discharged after fully recovery while 36 children were still under treatment.

While sharing the details, he said that about 253 children were provided treatment in OPDs of district hospitals while 203 ailing kids were treated in PPHI run dispensaries. It merits mentioning here that at least 84 children had breathed their last in October last year due to malnutrition and various other diseases, data obtained from the provincial health department indicated.

According to statistics for Tharparkar compiled by Sindh’s health department, the children who died due to malnutrition and various other diseases in government hospitals in October were as young as newborn and till five years old. As opposed to data from the prior months and last year’s comparable period, the number of infant and young children’s deaths this October has been considerably high. In total, 703 children had died due to malnutrition and different diseases till November 2019. Back in July last year, the United Nations Resident Coordinator Neil Buhne had called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in the federal capital.

 The premier had informed Buhne that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was especially focused on addressing the issue of malnutrition and adulteration, both of which were adversely impacting the growth of the young population.