ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi yesterday said Pakistan was watching India’s activities and knew well its anti-Pakistan plots. In a statement, Qureshi said that India was trying to find excuses to carry out a false flag operation in Pakistan. He said that innocent Kashmiris were being martyred every day. He said Saudi Arabia and Turkey had rejected India's decision about occupied Kashmir. Qureshi further said that India's behaviour with Pakistani diplomats in New Delhi was a clear violation of the Vienna Convention. He said that Indian allegations against the staff of Pakistani High Commission were baseless. The Foreign Minister said India asked for 50 percent reduction in Pakistani staff at its High Commission in New Delhi, and Pakistan responded in the same coin by asking India to reduce its staff in Pakistan. “If Pakistani staff returns home, Indian staff will also go back. Pakistan will not remain silent on Indian allegations, but will fully respond,” he added. The Foreign Minister said China's attitude had been appropriate in respect of security situation in the region.  He said India carried out construction work in the disputed territory with China; hence, China reacted. Qureshi said India was trying to cover its embarrassment at the hands of China.