The reconstitution of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) was a long time coming. The old structure of the PSB was overstaffed, leading to little agreement of the board on anything. Thus, the past few years, there were not any meetings held by the board, since the possibility of getting the original 85 members in a room and having them vote in the majority for any decision seemed very low.

Now the members appointed to the PSB have been reduced to 11 – a much more efficient number. It will be headed by the minister of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) as president, with the Secretary IPC to act as vice-president and the PSB Director-General (DG) who will also serve as both member and secretary. This 11-member board will take policy decisions on sports in the country.

The fact that the government is trimming the fat is good. Yet it seems doubtful that the reconstitution of the PSB will make any breakthroughs for the sports organisations included. Some of the decisions regarding the reconstitution are strange. The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is not even represented on the board. Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) also needs to be handled with delicacy, considering former PFF president Faisal Saleh Hayat had dissociated his federation from the PSB and the body has been embroiled in countless scandals involving infighting. Its inclusion in the board then raises questions as to how influential the board really is and whether its power will last. The choice of the members on the board are also baffling in certain respects – where there is no representation from the PHF, there are some businessmen with no relation to sports included, raising questions of politicisation.

Thus, already it seems that while the PSB has been reconstituted with good intentions, this new board too is likely to incur delays and inaction. This can be reflected by the fact that a regional DG of the board has still not been appointed even after two years of vacancy. It is hoped that these early hurdles to the PSB do not fall back into the inefficient organisation it was supposed to improve from.