LAHJORE - CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed presides over the welfare of police personnel, distribution of scholarship cheques, dowry fund, financial aid and medical assistant cheques among police personnel, CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed and SSP Admin Liaquat Ali Malik distributed 10 cheques for the higher education of children of police personnel, while Constable Aliyas was given cheque of Rs2 lakh and twenty-five thousand, Constable Ahmed’s widow was given cheque of Rs 1 lakh.  Seven personnel were given cheque of ample amount under the head of the dowry fund and maintenance allowance.

Zulfiqar Hameed said that the welfare of the personnel is being ensured.   The children of the personnel are being financially supported to advance in the field of education.   SSP Admin Capt (retired), Liaqat Ali Malik said that financial assistance and payment of dues of the personnel was being ensured immediately.  Police officers can contact the CCPO office immediately for any assistance and guidance.

Govt guidelines related

to corona epidemic being strictly implemented 

CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed has said that 896 cases have been registered during smart lock down for non-implementation of government SOPs and violation of corona SOPs, while 1,870 shops were sealed for violation of lockdown.  It was said that the Divisional Officers checked more than 1,545 markets across the city.

Similarly, challan tickets were issued to more than 55,793 motorcycles and vehicles for driving without a mask, whereas, 25,793  shopkeepers were warned while violating the lockdown.  Zulfiqar Hameed said that government guidelines related to the corona epidemic are being strictly implemented. 

The Lahore Police Chief directed that all senior officers along with the Assistant Commissioners should visit the markets and bazaars.  Illegal elements violating government guidelines are to be crackdown.  Citizens should wear masks to protect themselves and others, Zulfiqar Hameed said, that by taking precautionary measures we can prevent from corona epidemic.

Operation Wing police

release performance report

The three months duration of partial and smart lockdown imposed by Punjab government in the city on March 24th, completed on Wednesday.

Lahore Police during these three months, took all necessary measures to ensure strict implementation on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and directions of Punjab government to contain the unnecessary movement of the public in the city in wake of impending dangers of the spread of COVID-19. Lahore Police Operations Wing set up special pickets in different areas of the city to contain people from their unnecessary movement so as to protect them from risks of contraction of coronavirus.

 Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations Wing) Lahore Ashfaq Khan informed that as many as 2,212 FIRs have been registered against persons involved in different violations during these three months long partial lockdown.

More than 02 lakh 49 thousand 895 citizens have been checked at these pickets so far and inquired the reasons of their movement in the city, whereas more than 02 lakh 38 thousands 529 persons have been issued warning, requesting them to contain their unnecessary movement and go back to their homes and stay safe.

More than 4,599 citizens involved in unnecessary movement were released afterwards taking warranty bonds from them as not to move again in city other than in acute emergency situation.

More than 02 lakh 26 thousands 932 vehicles including more than 01 lakh 25 thousands motorcycles, 31,214 rickshaws, 7,537 taxis, 49,783 cars and 13,321 bigger vehicles were stopped on pickets and vehicles owners were issued warnings for their unnecessary movement. As many as 8,251 vehicles have been impounded in different police stations involved in violations.