HANGU - Armed forces launched an assault, Wednesday, on Taliban hideouts in parts of Lower Orakzai Agency, killing at least 21 militants in firefight and bombing raids, officials said. The operation began hours after a US drone aircraft fired two missiles into a compound in North Waziristan tribal district, killing at least six suspected militants in the latest strike by the spy planes. As per reports, forces have also got control over some areas and also destroyed several hideouts of the militants. Security personnel also got injured during the above-mentioned clashes. According to details, forces killed 21 militants and injured many during armed clashes with the militants in Mirobak, Qaimat Khan Chotai and Shanaka area of Orakzai Agency. Security forces continued further advancement and cleared several localities and also got control over some areas. A clash reportedly between forces and militants also occurred in Hashmat Khan Killi, which resulted in killing of eight militants and also left some personnel injured. Local sources said that forces also pounded suspected hideouts of the militants in Sultanzai area of the Agency and destroyed three dens of the militants. After clearing some areas from the militants, people, who had left their homes, had started returning homes. The local administration has started work to set up a relief camp in Lower Orakzai Agency. Meanwhile, security has been further beefed up and personnel of the law enforcement agencies have been deployed at the sensitive points in Hangu. Paramilitary troops began operations just after midnight Wednesday to flush out militants from the outskirts of the main town in the Orakzai tribal district, senior security officials in the region said. Helicopter gunships also shelled the militants in the same area of Orakzai. We have reports that 21 terrorists have been killed in Anjani area of Lower Orakzai, said a senior military official in Peshawar. One bunker, one ammunition dump and one training centre of the terrorists have also been destroyed by security forces. Major Fazal-ur-Rehman, spokesman for the paramilitary Frontier Corps, confirmed that security forces were battling insurgents in Orakzai and there were militant losses, but did not give the numbers. An intelligence official in Peshawar gave a higher death toll told that 12 Taliban militants were killed in the firefights with troops while 11 were killed in the helicopter shelling. The forces captured Shantana area and hoisted Pakistani flag and chased the fleeing extremists who put up some resistance at Qeemat Khel area. District Kohat police said the bodies of four militants have been found in Anjani bazaar area of Orakzai Agency. Meanwhile, the Kohat police apprehended 43 criminals including gang of five tricksters involved in extortion of money from the locals.