GOD only knows about the real US designs for Pakistan. In yet another drone attack, eight people have been killed in the North Waziristan agency. At the same time, the hour-long flight of its drone over Chamman area has caused fear and anxiety among the residents, wondering if they are the next target. The government of Pakistan is seeming more and more complicit in these attacks. Islamabad has been bombarded with a barrage of criticism from various US circles, condemning its counter insurgency operations, particularly those that have led to the arrest of high profile Taliban leaders. The charge is that it is picking up Taliban commanders deliberately to scuttle the peace process initiated by the Karzai government with Washingtons encouragement. President Karzai is disposed towards a political settlement of the conflict, especially since the US is planning to pack up and leave. The reality, however, is that there is no one among the hardcore Taliban leadership who is willing to talk to him. Talking to some local insurgent group, run by a warlord, does not necessarily mean the Taliban have been pacified. Indeed, they have so far strongly rebuffed overtures by the Afghan government. Besides, the Taliban directly under the command of Mullah Omer a few days back, categorically stated that they have no intention of striking any deal with the US and its puppet government in Afghanistan. So, it should be abundantly clear that the arrest of leaders, for instance Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, had nothing to do with sabotaging the peace process because in the first place the Taliban have denied they are in talks with anyone. Was this the logical end of the do more mantra? First, there was extreme pressure on Pakistan for being a state sponsor of terror but when it did act, it has been reprimanded for acting against the American and Afghan interests. It is clear that the US is playing a deep game with Pakistan. The only way to salvage our sovereignty and ensure safety is to break ranks with the US without further ado.