23rd March is over. The celebrations of this great day were very poor on the part of the government. PPP efforts to diminish the significance of these historical days and instead of making ZABs or BBs death anniversaries and birthdays as more historical events, are clearly visible. Their earlier attempt to remove Quaids portraits from the Presidency and PM house was resented too. But thank God that sense prevailed upon the stalwarts and the Quaid returned. Or may be some one advised them that it was going too far. The common man enjoyed a little at some show of the Navy or as usual to go to Wagah, there was no display from the government circles or even the politicians. I register my resentment. Do not undermine the significance of the Quaid-e-Azam and other freedom fighters. Subsequent rulers, including ZAB or BB, may have done a lot for the country, but majority have ruined the very conception of Pakistan. One does not have to go too far to find corroborative evidence. I do not understand why these seasonal and accidental rulers want to overshadow the great Quaid? Even some speak the truth when they say that two years of current PPP rule is equal to 20 past years. There is no doubt of the colossal loss in 2 years in almost all fields. AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, March 24.