Unfortunately, institutional decay has become a lingering problem in Pakistan where government sector has miserably failed to deliver to the people and the Education department is no exception to that. Educational institutions in the public sector have become dysfunctional due to varied reasons; when they do not accomplish the purpose for which they were created or they simply because of lack teachers, students or the buildings. Schools are the places of true learning; places where future of children is supposed to grow and flourish. But unfortunately, there are, according to the government data, about 1006 schools in Punjab, which are not working at all. This dubious educational system is among a number of problems that individuals and groups face on daily basis in Pakistan. Despite huge educational expenditures and budgetary allocations by the Governments, lapses are still there. Although school network has grown sharply over the past few years, but still there are a number of poor students who have not gone through the true aroma of schooling. Here I would say 'fortunately, in this regard, the way forward shown by Punjab Education Foundation, truly deserves appreciation as I read the news that Punjab Education Foundation will rerun 1006 dysfunctional public sector schools in the province in partnership with the non formal sector. In the pilot phase, 100 such schools will be handed over to the selected partners after finalizing necessary formalities. The selected partners will appoint the staff to teach the students while the PEF will provide financial assistance and the textbooks to the students. This reconstruction plan for the dysfunctional schools visibly depicts the perfect picture of PEFs commitment of dispensation of quality education. I think PEF should be asked to work in all 36 districts so that we could get 100% literacy. Such steps in the education sector are commendable. The march of Punjab government for ensuring quality education deserves ovation and we hope that it will promote sustainable progress in the education sector. HUNANA MASROOR, Lahore, March 24.