ISLAMABAD - District Administration Islamabad and Capital Development Authority (CDA) are yet to ensure implementation of price control mechanism for the refreshment centres located in public parks in the vicinity of the Federal Capital, TheNation has learnt on Wednesday. Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) and Directorate of Environment have been leased several refreshment centres in the parks located in urban vicinity of the capital territory. The motives behind leasing these parks were to facilitate the masses coming for entertainment with their families to these Parks. This scribe visited cafes and snack bars situated at Rawal Lake, Shakarparian, Jasmine Rose Garden, Damen-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. During the visit, it was observed all the cafe owners were selling food and non-food items almost at double price than the market price. It means 100 percent high rates were being charged from the public. Talking to TheNation a resident Saghir Ahmed at Shakar-parian said, I bring my kids here for entertainment, I bought a small bottle of water at Rs30 which I usually buy for Rs15 from the market. Also one small bottle of cold drink that I bought from market for Rs15, I paid Rs30 for it. Its my request to the authorities to please be kind to this economic stressed nation, he further said. Nazia Rehman, a visitor, said, We bought burger from the market at Rs25 but here we pay Rs50 for the same. There is no law in this country, she maintained. While talking to TheNation 16-year visitor Umair said Usually I buy crispy chips packet for Rs5 but here I paid Rs10 for it. To a question why food and non-food items were being sold at such a high price, the Manager of Rawal Lake CafT said, Every month we have to pay certain amount to the DMA and District Price Control Authorities. It would be impossible for us to meet the expenditure if we sell the items on market price. Manager of Shakarparian cafT said, My rates are less than the rates in the market. This scribe verified it from Hameed Khan sitting with his family who said, I bought small bottle of 7Up for Rs30 and the large size bottle for Rs50. This was contrary to Shakarparian cafT managers statement. The market rate for a small bottle of 7Up is Rs15 and the large water bottle is Rs30 he further said.