FEROZEWALA-Four unidentified dacoits at gun-point snatched cash worth Rs 4,35,000 in broad daylight on Wednesday. According to details, a businessman was on his way to his business point after taking out cash from UBL branch when he reached near Data Shah Jamal Shrine, four armed men intercepted the businessman and robbed his cash at gun-point. The business community in the City deplored the deteriorating law and order situation and demanded arrest of the culprits. In another incident, a businessman of Lahore received serious bullet injuries while dacoits deprived him of his cash and other valuables worth Rs 1,00,000 on Wednesday. The victim Nasir Ali was going to his factory located at Sharaqpur Road. When he reached near Faizpur interchange, the outlaws riding in a car intercepted him, and opened fire on resistance. He suffered serious injuries and removed to the hospital. Meanwhile, the outlaws escaped with cash and other valuables. Factory area police is investigating. The traffic on Lahore Road near Dosako Chowk remained suspended when dozens of truck and oil tanker drivers parked their vehicles in the middle of the road and protested dacoity incidents on Tuesday. Four unidentified highway robbers intercepted, dozens of trucks and oil tankers near Dosako Chowk and deprived the drivers of cash and other valuables worth Rs 3,00,000 in wee hours on Tuesday. The drivers in protest parked the vehicles at road blocking the traffic for two hours. The factory area police reached the site and got restored the traffic giving assurance that the dacoits would be arrested soon. The victims Rizwan, Anwar, Nasrullah are fruit merchants. They said that robbery incidents have become a routine matter near Dosako Chowk whereas the Factory area police has failed to control the incidents. On contacting Ferozewala police said that every possible measure would be adopted to control the situation.