LAHORE - Doctors community in the country, which is committed to their duty day night is facing number of threats as now it has become impossible for them to work in peaceful environment due to exaggerated news from the media and the suo moto actions by the courts. Recently in Lahore alone 13 FIRs have been registered against the medical professionals and this augmented attitude has harassed the entire medical profession in the country. Prof Dr Shahina Asif expressed these views in a press conference here on Wednesday along with Prof Dr Nurat Ullah Ch and Dr Zafar Ullah Kalanoori. They said doctors are highly qualified, hard working and dedicated segment of the society, who work day and night even on eid days. They said in most of the countries medical practitioners negligence, omission or error amount to criminal offence can not lead to arrest. At present there is no legislation for professional as only law of agreement and contract exists in the country. Keeping aside the law of agreement and contract administration are using their own will to interpret the severity of any particular case hence the criminal act has been applied in all these cases which arise from private and public hospitals leaving the medical profession in dismay, agony and fear of facing the criminal charges. They said medical defence foundation has come up by joint effort of highly professional legal advisors and medical authorities to take all the headaches on their own shoulders in case such incident happens against doctors. MDF has the remedy in the form of timely legal advice. Their legal experts will fight the case for doctor from A to Z. In case of any litigation indemnity arrangements have been made to keep doctor away from financial burdens.